Founded in 2017, the inspiration for FBA Avenue Inc was Fabrice, our founder’s beloved family dog. When Fabrice was diagnosed with cancer, Zaki used his interest in health, nutrition and cooking to help improve Fabrice’s diet during his sickness. Although Fabrice sadly succumbed to the disease, Zaki realized that he had found his passion – sourcing for the most wholesome, nutritious raw dog food to help all the other beloved family pets benefit from a healthier lifestyle. And so Fba Avenue Inc was created to honour Fabrice’s legacy, and to help nourish other pets with a wholesome, nutritious raw food diet.

Today in the city of Nashua, FBA Avenue has turned into one of the largest suppliers of Animal foods, toys and pharmaceutical supplies in New Hampshire for our beloved pets. We want the best for our pets – to keep them happy, energetic and full of life.


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Our Method

Our passion for providing nutritious, convenient, and delicious dehydrated food for pets stems from a family love of animals. Expertise in biochemistry, food engineering, and holistic medicine combined with an innovative and highly researched sourcing approach allows us to source for the highest quality pet food in the world for our New Hampshire pets.
All of our foods feature a short list of the world’s best organic superfood ingredients that are proven highly beneficial for health and are also lip-smackingly good, without any fillers, gluten, or grain.